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BigCommerce App for Intuit QuickBooks Online

Running a business involves the accounting of your sales, inventory, expenses, receivables, payables, tax, etc. In other words, keeping an accurate record of your transaction is inevitable for any business person to analyze his business after a fiscal year or calendar year if it has been profitable or not.

Accounting is a tedious task, more so if you are still into manual journal entry of your every transaction in your book of records, in which case error is most likely to happen in manual input. With QuickBooks Online, as everything is synched for every data you input, hassle and time consuming has been minimized.

Bigcommerce, an online ecommerce website builder, just recently integrated Intuit Quickbooks Online in their App Marketplace. Initially they have incorporated the QuickBooks Payments solution for secure credit card and debit card processing. They believe that it would be a great help to their merchants to focus more on their business, not their finances. 

Bigcommerce + I…

The most complete multimedia software package - Media Suite 13

This is by far the most complete collection of multi-media software that CyberLink has launched.  The NEW Media Suite13 is a combination of CyberLink's trusted industry leading software with a unique, easy-to-use interface, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual software products.  Media Suite 13 features three best in class media editing and playback applications - Power DVD, Power Director, PhotoDirector, alongside trusted utility software Power2Go and MediaEspresso for disc burning and media conversion. For more information you can check by clicking this link: 

CyberLink Media Suite 13 - The Most Complete Multimedia Software Package

The Media Suite 13 came out with two versions: 

1.  Media Suite Ultimate - For Advanced + mobile editing users. Includes 12 software + 3 mobile apps: Power Media Player, Power Director Mobile, and Photo Director Mobile. Priced at $149.95.

2.  Media Suite Ultra - For Professional editing users.  Includes PowerDVD 15, PowerDirector 13, Pho…