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The most complete multimedia software package - Media Suite 13

This is by far the most complete collection of multi-media software that CyberLink has launched.  The NEW Media Suite 13 is a combination of CyberLink's trusted industry leading software with a unique, easy-to-use interface, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing individual software products.  Media Suite 13 features three best in class media editing and playback applications - Power DVD, Power Director, PhotoDirector, alongside trusted utility software Power2Go and MediaEspresso for disc burning and media conversion. For more information you can check by clicking this link: 

CyberLink Media Suite 13 - The Most Complete Multimedia Software Package

The Media Suite 13 came out with two versions: 

1.  Media Suite Ultimate - For Advanced + mobile editing users. Includes 12 software + 3 mobile apps: Power Media Player, Power Director Mobile, and Photo Director Mobile. Priced at $149.95.

2.  Media Suite Ultra - For Professional editing users.  Includes PowerDVD 15, PowerDirector 13, PhotoDirector 6 plus 9 more softwares.  Priced at $129.95.

You can use this promo code until September 30, 2015 and save extra 5% on CyberLink Media Suite 13. Coupon Code: CMSPOFF

You can test CyberLink products by clicking this link - Download Free Trials 

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