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Beautiful Logo Design in 48 hours

Logo design in 48 hours

For a business or organization, a logo is as important as having a name that is recognizable, unique and that it could capture the attention of customers upon seeing it elsewhere. The objective of the logo is to represent the business or organization that is why many hours or days has been spent on conceptualizing the best logo for a certain company. There are many considerations in coming up with the best design, like the color, drawing, lettering and background. Each should be in harmony so that it could effectively communicate the company’s brand.

Coming up with a nice and unique logo is difficult sometimes, you have so many ideas in mind but can’t come up with the right design and ending up hiring a designer to do the task. A designer would charge per design or per hour which you have to pay after he delivers his work, whether you are satisfied with the outcome of the design or not you have to pay the designer the service rendered.

At 48hourslogo you can choose the best design from different designers and pay only the designer whom you chose the design for your logo. It is as simple as running a contest wherein the winner will get the prize.

If you want a logo design for you, first you have to register first at 48hours logo, send in the details you want for your logo, then set your contest prize at a minimum of $99.00. After 48 hours, which is the standard lead time to finish the project, you may now choose the best logo suited for you.

Logo design contest at

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