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Real UnliCHAT Experience with Globe’s GoUnli30

Yes, there are unlimited talk and unlimited text offered by mobile service providers in the Philippines which seems unimaginable that they were able to offer it in an affordable price, so you won’t be surprised that every member of the family has one mobile phone because talking and texting is cheap, and getting cheaper by the way because of the competition going on with the three major mobile service providers in the Philippines.
          Well of course only one of them really stands out and the real leader in providing an unlimited chat service experience to its subscribers, believe me, I have tried them all, but as I said there is only one, and that for me is Globe GoUNLI30.  Why? Globe has the widest and farthest service coverage network worldwide, which made me easy to connect with my family, peers and business associate anywhere I go.  Whether I’ll be on an isolated island or out of the country, I could easily make an update on my whereabouts without service interruption and …

How to put twitter handle on AddThis sharing button for Blogger

Social media is essential in websites in reaching out and expanding readers and so website owners have seen a great importance in using social media sharing buttons in building up new followers and returning readers on their site.

     As a website owner myself, it is important for me that I can track who are my readers and be engaged as possible to whatever a reader shared through the embedded social buttons from my website to their social sites connections and followers.  Because they have been partaking in my goal to increase traffic on my site and as a way of appreciation I may like, re-post or thank what they have posted if I noticed this in my notification or status feed.  And that is why I included my Twitter handle in my website's Twitter button to track how my post has gone so far.  

     If you are using AddThis social buttons like in my other website here's how you can simply customize your Twitter button:

1.  Log in to your Blogger account then it then select t…