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Nine things I like about upgrading my iphone to IOS7

          Last week, iphone launched their latest IOS 7 over the speculations on the release of iphone 5C and iphone 5S.  I read several comments from the first ones who upgraded their phones to IOS7 and noticeably most of those comments I read are not satisfied with the new features.  I maybe one of the opposite of those together with others who love the new features, maybe because the new looks of the widgets are apparently different from what they are used to be.  It is unusual because it has been several times that iphone upgraded its IOS without altering the icons and this time it was totally a whole new image – more vibrant, clearer and the development has been for the simplicity of access to different applications.

          If you haven't yet upgraded to the latest version because you are apprehensive due to negative feed backs, I'll give you a rundown of the relevant features I found that has changed before you click that download button:

1.  Lock screen - The white background with "slide to unlock" is gone because you can touch any portion of the screen to slide all the way to the right for the key pad where you will enter your pass code to go to your Home screen.  The buttons has changed to circles and the numbers are bigger. You'll notice on your lock screen that there are two small bars on the center top and below, that will send you to another page if you slide up and slide down.


2.  Scroll-up and Scroll-down function and features - You can still scroll down from any page you are but now with scroll-up features.  When you scroll down your notifications will show and categorized into three - Today, All and Missed. Scroll-up features contains the important functions that are often used and now are contained in one page that is so easy to access, and one more important thing is that there is already a built-in flashlight as shown on the icon at the left bottom.

3. Home screen - All the default icon pictures changed such as Newstand, Reminders, Weather, Music, Contacts, Calculator, Calendar, Settings, Photos and Camera. The Face Time icon is now more accessible because it is shown already on the home screen.

 4.  Camera and Photos - Camera shutter is bigger and just slide the lower screen to choose from the three.  Square is also same as photo but it will configure the size to square.  The photos are categorized by timeline and by tapping on the year it will breakdown by date and location.

5.  Photo sharing is made even more varied with the addition of Flickr, scroll the widgets left and right to choose which do you want your photo to share with.

6.  Call keypad is simpler and you can put pictures on your contact lists which will appear on your selected list on Favorites so you will never go wrong on the person you're calling.

7.  Vertical lists - Safari tabs can be scrolled which provides you with a quick run down of your recent sites visited.  Reminders list are color coded and filed according to list you want to create.

8.  Ability to block messages and calls from unwanted senders, this is what I have been waiting for Apple to add in their application because I am irritated by text scams like the photo below.  With the renewed apps you can already prevent this person from bothering you.  

 9.  New ringtones and alert tones are added on the list to choose from.

    These lists are what I found on iphone 4, on my next post I will give you the new features applicable for iphone 5. 

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